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for Women

Free Livestream Class  


The time is now.

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Tone your body, balance your nervous system, & tap the internal wellspring of love, energy, guidance & power that has been within you all along.


An Integrated Embodiment Class & Musical Journey that Incorporates...

  • Total Body Strength Training

  • Breathwork & Somatic Meditation 

  • Nervous System Rebalancing

  • Emotional Self Care

  • Deep Core Stability

  • Intuitive Movement

  • Dance Cardio

  • Yoga & Pilates

  • Inspired Spiritual Guidance

...for an Unparalleled Body-Mind-Soul Activation. 

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Let go of self sabotage, reclaim your worthiness ,
and embody the confident, authentic, empowered woman that you are here to be.

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What women are saying about Empower:



"This is the best class I've ever taken.  Not only sculpted parts of my body that I haven't paid attention to in years, but it has helped me to remember the parts of myself that are unfortunately buried under alot of conditioning, chores, and the day-to-day Essence, my Power, my Grace, and my Connection to Source."



 "This class is the most empowering things I've ever done, besides giving birth.  Lizzy gives us constant reminders of the power we have as women to change the world by changing ourselves, and provides the space for us to find the tools within ourselves"

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"Wow, What a life changing catalyst this class has been for me. Lizzy has an amazing ability to channel messages that are exactly what I need to hear.  She speaks to the wholeness of our human experience in deeply acknowledging ways. I am moved to sweat and to tears, in the best way possible."



"Empower is an essential part of maintaining a positive outlook on my life, not to mention keeping me in shape.  Lizzy always keeps it fresh with new moves, the BEST music, and inspiring spiritual themes.  I'm so grateful for the magic she shares with us."



"Empower inspires me to live my best life.  I consistently have profound inner shifts during class, amidst all the glute & core burning badassery.  One of the biggest gifts Lizzy offers us, is the permission not to be perfect, and tools for navigating courageous growth."



"No matter the struggle of the day, Empower leaves me with a renewed sense of love and compassion for both myself and those around me.   It's not just a workout, it's a total mind, body, spirit, reset."

Fucsia Background

Hi! I'm Lizzy, and I'm SO glad you are here! I'm a personal trainer,

yoga & breathwork teacher, EFT practitioner, self-empowerment guide,

channel, mother & cheerleader for the New Earth.

I'm also a DJ, and LOVE creating dope musical journeys with conscious 

lyrics & dope beats, to drop you into your heart & body, 

empower your mindset, and free your feminine soul. 

I designed Empower as safe space to come, to connect to & care for your

multi-dimensional self- body, mind, heart & soul.

I'm honored to share these tools and practices, because I believe they 

are essential for navigating life on Earth at this time.  I personally use

them on daily basis to process emotions, and to stay centered,

self-resourced, and tapped into my intuitive guidance.

Please know that all of you is welcome here, and that more than anything I am here to hold space for the deep wisdom & power, that is already within you, to rise. Please join me sisters, as we, together, step through and heal the old paradigm of unworthiness, shame, and codependency, and rise into our powerful, sovereign, courageous and graceful leadership.

The time is now, let's Be & Do this together, sister!

Love, Lizzy 

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Meet the Creator & Facilitator:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this class for?

This class is for females of all ages, who want to get fit, open up to their inner guidance & step into their power. Moves are for all levels and you will always be encouraged to listen to the wisdom of your body & modify as necessary.

What equipment do I need for class?

All you need for class is: a yoga mat, a set of light weights (I use 3's, but cans work well too, if you don't have dumbbells), and a yoga block, meditation cushion or folded blanket to sit up on for meditation.  Make sure you have water handy too.

What can I expect?

This is a live (& unedited) class.  Arrival is 9:30, but we usually start a few minutes later.  Class is typically around 75 mins long and ends at around 11.  Some of the class is planned and choreographed & some is completely channeled in the moment.  Expect to be welcomed into a supportive community of women, get a great workout, clear negative emotions and leave feeling enlivened, empowered & inspired.

What if I have more questions?

I'm here for ya. Please email with any additional questions or to see if this class is a fit for you, and I will personally respond.

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