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Transformational Fitness & Embodiment for Women

Cultivate Emotional Resilience, Activate your Inner Guidance & Feel Vibrant, Sexy & EMPOWERED in your Body & in your Life!

  • Total Body Strength Training w/ Weights

  • Somatic Nervous System Regulation

  • Breathwork & Emotional Self Care

  • Intuitive Movement & Dance Cardio
  • Self-Love & Feminine Embodiment
  • Guided Meditation & E.F.T. Tapping

  • Inspiration for Navigating Life on Earth

  • Conscious Music to Align your Mindset

  • Safe & Supportive All Women Community

Wednesdays 9:15-10:30 a.m.

Uphora 1501 Patton Ave.

Get your 1st class free
Use code: EMPOWER2024

Find your Tribe of Empowered & Authentic Women!

All levels Welcome.  Please bring a yoga mat & water bottle & arrive 10 mins early to check in & settle in.

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"These classes have not only sculpted parts of my body that I haven't paid attention to in years, but have helped me to remember the parts of myself that are unfortunately buried under alot of conditioning, chores, and the day-to-day Essence, my Power, my Grace, and my Connection to Source."

"Wow, What a life changing catalyst this class has been for me. Lizzy has an amazing ability to channel messages that are exactly what I need to hear.  She speaks to the wholeness of our human experience in deeply acknowledging ways. I am moved to sweat and to tears, in the best way possible."

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EMPOWER Online Studio Members Receive 50% off Uphora Classes!

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Hi! I'm Lizzy, I'm a trauma-informed personal trainer, somatic practitioner & self-care coach.  I have been supporting women to reclaim their worthiness & self love, and feel better in their bodies & their lives, for over 17 years.

My classes & circles are designed to be a safe space to unwind from patriarchal conditioning (shame, competition, judgement, scarcity, unworthiness, and overemphasis on the mind) and reclaim the innocence, wisdom & power of our body, heart, and higher self.

When you join an in-person event, you will be warmly welcomed into our sisterhood & meet other local women who are walking the path of personal empowerment (no mean girl vibes here, promise!).

At the heart of all of my work is the prayer that we metabolize our past trauma in order to RISE into the powerful, sovereign, courageous and graceful leaders that we are here to be.

The time is now, let's Be & Do this sisters! TOGETHER! The feminine way!

Love, Lizzy

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Join us for a juicy morning, connecting deeply with our own body, heart & soul & replenishing ourselves in the frequency of our collective feminine rising.

2024 Dates:

March 24, June 23, Sept 22, Dec 22

This mini-retreat includes a guided embodiment journey, a self inquiry journaling practice, a short ecstatic dance wave, and a women’s circle.


As part of my commitment to uplifting our local sisterhood….

this seasonal event is now pay-what-you-can.

The suggested rate for this mini-retreat is $25-$50, but no one will be turned away.  You can enter the amount you'd like to pay, when you register.

Please arrive a few minutes early to settle in & bring a journal, a yoga mat, a water bottle & a snack to share around the altar.

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