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If you are a healer, coach, mother, or New Earth leader… this is for you!

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Sisters, We are living through extraordinary times & the world needs our feminine medicine now more than ever before.

Now is the moment to heal from our old traumas, release self doubt & self-abandonment, and RISE into our full power as worthy and wise medicine women.

We can’t create the new from the old paradigm.

We have to EMBODY the new from deep within us.. and TEACH from this embodied example.

We need simple & elegant solutions for body, mind, soul care…. That can support us in thriving through the matrix & birthing our greatest light & gifts into the world.

Join us for this self-care revival!

You will leave with free tools, inspiring ideas that you can implement instantly, to amplify your daily practices and align with your highest power.


Some of the topics we'll cover during our time together:

  • Daily Movement & Meditation Practices- for vitality, clarity & hormone balance

  • Nervous System Understanding & Self-Regulation Tools

  • Self-Awareness Practices- for Identifying our Needs, Desires, Boundaries & Human Design Authority

  • Emotional Freedom Technique- for Navigating Negative Emotion & Transforming Limiting Beliefs

  • Conscious Co-Creation & Daily Energy Alignment Practices

  • The Power of Circling with Authentic & Uplifting Women

Hi! I'm Lizzy, and I'm SO glad you are here! I'm a trauma-informed,

personal trainer, yoga teacher, EFT practitioner, women's circle facilitator,

self-empowerment guide, channel, mother & cheerleader for the New Earth.

I'm also a DJ, and LOVE creating dope musical journeys with conscious 

lyrics & dope beats, to drop you into your heart & body, 

empower your mindset, and free your feminine soul.

I'm honored to share these tools and practices, because I believe they 

are essential for navigating life on Earth at this time.  I personally use

them on daily basis to process emotions, and to stay centered,

self-resourced, and tapped into my intuitive guidance.

Please know that all of you is welcome here, and that more than

anything I am here to hold space for the deep wisdom & power,

that is already within you, to rise. Please join me sisters, as we,

together, step through and heal the old paradigm of unworthiness,

shame, and codependency, and rise into our powerful, sovereign,

courageous and graceful leadership.

The time is now, let's Be & Do this together, sister!

Love, Lizzy 

Meet Lizzy

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