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IGNITE 2024: 5 Day Self-Care Activation

Morning Rituals to Heal Your Relationship with your body, your power & your love.

A guided morning practice with intuitive movement, box breathing, and tapping, to hold yourself in what you are experiencing and invite more of your embodied wisdom to be revealed.  *If you are new to tapping or would like to create your own tapping practice, check out this worksheet.

A powerful embodiment ritual for when you're frozen, fawning, or disassociated and need to call your power back and re-anchor yourself into your body.

A morning meditation & dance practice to invoke & embody the presence of divine unconditional love, and remember love as your top priority.

Ready to recommit to your self-care?! Let's connect!
Book a free 1:1
30 Day Self-Care Plan call with me
& let's get you set up for success!

  • Transform limiting beliefs in the way of your self-care.

  • Understand & re-pattern your 'self-sabotaging' behaviors.

  • Strategize logistics to make yourself a priority.

  • Map your nervous system & identify practices for self-regulation.

  • Create a weekly plan with practices to support your

       body, mind, soul well-being that you can implement right away, absolutely free!

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