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One-on-One Personal Training
& Empowerment Coaching

for Women

Serving  Asheville, Swannanoa & Black Mountain, North Carolina

A Personalized Embodiment Journey

No two clients are exactly the same.  Our work together will meet you right where you are at, help eliminate physical & emotional pain, and support you in feeling more confident, capable & empowered in all areas of your life.


  • Functional Strength Training

  • Pilates & Deep Core Stability

  • Somatic Nervous System Regulation

  • Boxing & Dance Cardio

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Hands-on Assisted Stretching

  • Daily Self-Care Practices

  • Guided Meditation

  • Self Love Empowerment Coaching

Throughout our work together, we will incorporate a personalized blend of:

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Sessions are held in Lizzy's private studio in Swannanoa, NC
(just 5 mins east of Asheville, NC).

Why women need strength training

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Our power is within us, but far too many of us end up neglecting our self-care, disconnecting from our bodies & avoiding our truth... leading to burnout, illness & resentment.

When we are connected to our inner core strength, we become powerful, confident, and resilient in our life.  We can speak our truth, hold our boundaries, and follow our inner guidance.


By age 35, our estrogen & testosterone levels begin to drop causing muscle loss, osteoporosis, low energy, brain fog, weight gain and loss of libido.

When we strength train,
we boost testosterone which...

  • maintains muscle mass & bone density.

  • boosts metabolism, sexual health, & libido.

  • Increases energy, focus & concentration.

  • supports graceful aging & confidence.

Transform Stress, Anxiety & Avoidance into...
Embodied Confidence & Power

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Our nervous system is the command center for every other system of our body. 


When we experience stress & trauma (hello, modern day life), our nervous system becomes dysregulated, throwing EVERYTHING out of whack (sleep, hormones, digestion, immune system, mood, capacity, all of it).

We can't truly thrive unless we understand how our nervous system works and have tools to bring ourselves into balance. 

When our nervous system is regulated...


  • our body can rest, digest, and restore it's optimal health.

  • we can adapt, problem solve & be creative.

  • we are more emotionally connected in our relationships.

  • we have access to our inner guidance & our power.

  • we can create the transformation that we desire.

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You are Here for a Reason.

I'm a holistic personal trainer, somatic trauma healing practitioner & self-care coach.  I have been supporting women to reclaim their worthiness & self love, and feel better in their bodies & their lives, for over 17 years.

I believe that as women, we are here to play an essential leadership in the healing of our planet, and that each one of us holds unique and important gifts that we are here to bring through & embody.

I am here to hold a safe, loving & empowering container to support you in unraveling from the old paradigm of unworthiness & owning your true feminine power, so you can live your most vibrant, purposeful and fulfilling life.

This customized fitness journey might be right for you if want to:

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  • Find a fun & effective movement practice that honors your whole being and works for your body & your life.

  • Learn to process your emotions with ease & release outdated trauma responses & chronic pain from your body.  

  • Cultivate deep inner core strength so that you can move through the world with power & grace.

  • Feel truly alive & energized in your body and experience a renewed zest for life.

  • Feel comfortable & confident in your own skin, so you can celebrate your sensuality… at any age.

  • Let go of the excuses and the baggage & embody the truly magnificent woman you know you are here to be.

EMPOWER Body Mind Soul
Body-Positive & Trauma-Informed Personal Training
Somatics & Empowerment Coaching for Women

Serving online and in Asheville, Swannanoa, & Black Mountain, North Carolina


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