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EMPOWER Sacred Sundays w/ balm.
EMPOWER Sacred Sundays w/ balm.
Jun 23, 2024, 10:00 AM
Haw Creek Commons

Sister, please us for....

BELOVED - A Somatic Self-Care Workshop, Ceremony & Circle.. to IGNITE SUMMER LOVE!!!

💗Open your Heart & Embody your desires.  

💗Develop your inner Beloved & learn to Be LOVED well, just the way YOU want & need to be loved.

💗Start magnetizing the love & prosperity that you truly desire for our life!

Let's face it...we all want to be in love.


When we are IN love… our entire world is colored brighter.  The tastes, the sounds, the smells…everything.  Our entire perception of the world is heightened.  The outer world may still be chaotic & uncertain, yet, we also have a lifeline to the undeniable love, magic and intelligence that pervades all of creation.  


This resource keeps our hearts and minds afloat even in the heaviest times.


Love is a life raft, a shelter, a sacred guardian to our invincible innocence and power.


We think we want alot of things… but the real truth is that LOVE is all we REALLY need… Love dissolves shame, it heals trauma, and it opens the pathway to our most vital human potential.


The mind judges and separates.  The heart unites and embraces.  This is the medicine we need right now. (We can’t war our way into peace).


💗The magnetic field of the heart is 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain. 💗


When we move from our head to our hearts & to our bodies, we find our way back to:


💗Our humanity, our interconnectedness with each other

💗Our aliveness: both our pain & our pleasure, our grief and our love, our strength and our vulnerability.


💗Living with an open heart is a practice & a cultivation. 💗


One that starts from within as we build the nervous system capacity to keep our hearts open, and to be with the sensations in our body.  


As we do this, we are simultaneously building our nervous system capacity to experience love and wellbeing in our life.


What to expect:


💗Somatic heart healing wisdom & practices


💗Self-inquiry journaling prompts to better identify your needs & desires and connect to your deeper truth.


💗Embodied pleasure practices to increase vitality.


💗 Sister heart-share circle

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