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Lizzy's Favs

As an Amazon affiliate, I earn a VERY small % on qualifying purchases.
I only ever share my absolute personal must-have resources with you!

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This all-in-one DIY at-home pilates reformer/ cable machine kit is my #1 pick for most essential piece of home gym equipment.  It's affordable, exrremely effective, and packs into a tiny bag, so you can bring it anywhere with you.   No installation required, the door straps can easily be secured in place with any door that locks.  There's no limit to what you can do with this kit & there is no better way to train legs, core & arms.  Spend over $3k on an actual reformer or cable machine or get this super affordable kit! Use code: 104ATPXW when you check out for 10% off. I'm obsessed!!!

As an amazon affiliate, I earn a small % on qualifying purchases

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This book started me on my path of healing shame, embracing my vulnerability & living an authentic life. I highly recommend it to everyone, and it's especially useful for those starting their journey.  Brene Brown has been one of the MOST influential teachers in my life.  She's a scientist, a mom, a Texan, and she shares hilarious & REAL stories from her life that normalize & provide healing to the human experience. 

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This book & the practice of Existential Kink is blowing my mind.  As a long time student of shame, I find this book fascinating, practical, and very empowering.  It's all about integrating our shadow aspects, connecting us back to our true aliveness, and empowering us to become more conscious co-creators.  I do consider this a more advanced practice for the brave souls willing to journey deep and be really honest with themselves.

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This book is a transmission of how to own your power as a women.  If you have ever froze/fawned when in an important conversation or neglected to ask for (or receive) what you really need and want, this book is definitely for you.  She gives ALOT of exercises to practice owning our power in real time in our lives, and ultimately guides us back to our deep feminine hearts desire, worthiness, and ALIVENESS.  This wisdom is key to healing our relationship with our own power & with receivng from the masculine.

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