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One-on-One Personal Training & Embodiment Coaching
Serving Asheville, Swannanoa & Black Mountain, North Carolina & Online

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A personalized, fitness training & self love journey to transform trauma, self judgement, and lack of accountability into...Embodied Confidence & Power.


Hi, I'm Lizzy, a body-positive, trauma-informed personal trainer & somatic practicioner in Asheville, NC. 

My body-mind-soul approach to feminine healing & empowerment, integrates: fitness, somatics, person inquiry & self love as a  gateway to improve every aspect of your life!

Throughout our work together, we will incorporate: somatic healing & feminine embodiment practices, fitness (strength training, dance, core, yoga), meditation, journaling, emotional freedom technique, affirmations, and more.

This combination of modalities:

  • Tones the nervous system.

  • Supports the release of outdated trauma responses.

  • Connects you to your intuition & feminine magnetism.

  • Builds inner & outer strength & resilience.

  • Amplifies your level of self-trust & embodied confidence.

Embody the Authentic, Radiant
and Empowered Woman you are here to be.

This customized 1:1 body-mind-soul journey might be right for you if want to:

  • Embody your true, empowered & confident Self.

  • Feel truly alive & energized in your body and experience a renewed zest for life.

  • Look in the mirror and love what you see.

  • Find a fun & effective movement practice that honors your whole being and works for your body & your Life.

  • Learn to process your emotions with ease & release outdated trauma responses in your body.  

  • Cultivate deep inner core strength so that you can & move through the world with power & grace.

  • Feel comfortable & confident in your own skin, so you can celebrate your sensuality… at any age.

  • Align with your values & team with your body, heart & higher self to create a life you absolutely love.

  • Let go of the excuses and the baggage & embody the truly magnificent woman you know you are here to be.

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Sessions are available online & in Lizzy's private studio in Swannanoa, NC
(just 5 mins east of Asheville, NC).

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You are Here for a Reason.

I'm a personal trainer, yoga & fitness instructor, somatic trauma healing practitioner, feminine empowerment guide, and cheerleader for the New Earth.

I believe that as women, we are here to play an essential role in the awakening of a better way of life for all, on our planet, and that each one of us holds unique and important gifts & codes that we are here to bring through & embody.

I am here to hold a safe, loving & empowering container to support you in unraveling from the old paradigms & patterns of unworthiness & to truly own your feminine power, so you can bring through your magic and live a vibrant, purposeful and fulfilling life.

As a mother, I understand the immense role of raising a family and how all consuming it can be. Even with years of practicing self-love before I became a mother, I found myself abandoning my needs, and true heart’s calling in ‘service’ to my family.  

Ignoring the call of my body, heart, and soul lead to anxiety, depression, chronic health, relationship, and financial issues.  What I have come to learn in my journey of recovery, is that the foundation of our health & quality of life, is determined by our capacity to listen to and honor our body and align with the truth within us.

This is a journey that we must each take for ourselves, back home to ourselves…and it’s incredibly powerful to have a witness, a reflection and a system of support to hold you in your process.  Trauma happens through relationship & heals through relationship too.

As women, many of us have the tendency to ‘do it all ourselves’… and we live in a fake & shame based, culture of filters & plastic surgery.

The truth is, we are all healing from the ways of the old world.  And we all deserve support in coming home to ourselves.

I am here to hold a safe, loving, & empowering container for you to heal from your past, release self-abandonment & truly embody the authentic, radiant, and confident woman you are here to be.


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  • Initial 90 Minute Session: Complete Body, Mind, Soul check in & assessment, mapping the course of our work together.


  • Weekly 1-on-1, 90 minute Embodiment, Somatic Trauma Healing, Personal Training & Empowerment Sessions with Lizzy.


  • Custom Daily Practice Plan each week.


  • 1 Custom weekly movement playlist (available through Spotify & Apple Music) to keep you on track with your practices & inspired.


  • Complimentary Access to EMPOWER's Online Studio for 3 months.

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