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Somatic Healing & Coaching for Women

serving Black Mountain, NC

Release Stress, Build Emotional Resilience,

& Embody your True Wisdom, Power & Radiance.

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Are you tired of feeling exhausted and overwhelmed & ready to reconnect with your most vital, sexy, secure, and Empowered self?

Are you a busy woman who often prioritizes work & caring for others over caring for yourself?

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I'm Lizzy. I'm a mama, body-positive personal trainer, somatic nervous system specialist & mind-body self-care coach. I support women to reclaim their strength & self love, connect to their inner guidance, and to feel safe, secure & confident in their bodies & their lives.

I do this work, because I've been there too.  I've given past my boundaries & put everyone else before myself, and had to face the consequences of: burnout, resentment, anxiety, insomnia, depression, digestive disorders, skin disorders, chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and feeling SO FAR AWAY from myself.

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A Personalized Embodiment Journey

No two clients are exactly the same.  Our work together will meet you right where you are at, help eliminate physical & emotional pain, and support you in feeling more confident, capable & empowered in all areas of your life.


  • Somatic Healing & Trauma Release

  • Nervous System Coaching

  • Functional Strength Training

  • Pilates & Deep Core Stability

  • Feminine Embodiment Practices

  • Conscious Reparenting

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Hands-on Assisted Stretching

  • Guided Somatic Meditation

  • Mind-Body Empowerment Coaching

Throughout our work together, we will incorporate a personalized blend of:

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Sessions are held in Lizzy's private studio in Swannanoa, NC
(just 5 mins east of Asheville, NC).

"The body keeps the score."

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When we experience more stress than our body-mind can cope with (at any point in our life), it creates trauma that gets stored inside our body, leading to nervous system dysregulation.
Since our nervous system is the command center for the function of every other system of our body,  this dyregulation impacts EVERY part of our health & well-being: our sleep, hormones, digestion, weight, immune system, mental health, pain patterns, capacity to handle stress...everything!

In order to truly heal trauma, become resilient to stress & embody our best self, we must...

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  • Release stored survival responses that have accumulated in the body through gentle stress releasing somatic techniques... so that we can finally free ourselves from past traumas, chronic pain and nervous system dysregulation.

  • Learn the science behind our nervous system states and empower ourselves with somatic tools to self & co-regulate. so that we can ditch the shame and confusion, identify when we’re in survival mode and support ourselves more effectively.


  • Transform our relationship to stress through daily practices that intentionally apply a healthy dose of stress on the body & nervous system... so that we can build our resilience & become adaptive to stress as it arises in our day-to-day life.

THESE are the skills that we are building, together... the feminine way!

Somatic Self-Care Coaching to help you:

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  • Release Old Trauma from your Body.

  • Cultivate Self Love & Emotional Resilience

  • Activate your Inner Guidance.

  • Feel Strong, Sexy & Safe in your Body.

  • Embody your True Self.

  • Somatic Tools for Nervous System Regulation

  • Breathwork & Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Self-Love & Feminine Embodiment Practices
  • Strength & Core training
  • Inner Guidance Meditation

  • Conscious Music to Align your Mindset

  • Inspiration for Navigating Life on Earth

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What women are saying:

"Working with Lizzy has not only sculpted parts of my body that I haven't paid attention to in years, but have helped me to remember the parts of myself that are unfortunately buried under alot of conditioning, chores, and the day-to-day Essence, my Power, my Grace, and my Connection to Source."

"Wow, What a life changing catalyst this work has been.  Lizzy speaks to the wholeness of our human experience in deeply acknowledging ways. I am moved to sweat and to tears, in the best way possible."

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As women, we are here to hold an important leadership role in the healing of our world...

but until we own our worth & make ourselves a priority,

we will continue to repeat old patterns, get swallowed up by the stress of our responsibilities, and end up giving away our true power.


When we truly commit to giving ourselves the care

that we need, we...

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  • Feel more ease, vitality and resilience.

  • Have more clarity & confidence to put towards what’s truly important to us.

  • Rewire our self-worth & transform our capacity to receive in every area of our life.

  • Recognize our boundaries, limits, needs and desires.

  • Show up as the empowered & loving women we are here to be & set a powerful example to those around us.

  • Transform the collective paradigm from the inside, out.

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  • Release shame, cultivate self-awareness and self-compassion & master your relationship to your emotions.

  • Heal old trauma responses, balance anxiety & depression and improve your resilience to stress.

  • Transform  lingering patterns of self-sabotage, rewire your brain to worthiness & reclaim your most healthy, authentic, confident and empowered self.

  • Connect to your intuition & wake up your juicy, fierce, magnetic, feminine energy.

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You are Here for a Reason.

I'm a holistic personal trainer, somatic trauma healing practitioner & self-care coach.  I have been supporting women to reclaim their worthiness & self love, and feel better in their bodies & their lives, for over 17 years.

I believe that as women, we are here to play an essential leadership in the healing of our planet, and that each one of us holds unique and important gifts that we are here to bring through & embody.

I am here to hold a safe, loving & empowering container to support you in unraveling from the old paradigm of unworthiness & owning your true feminine power, so you can live your most vibrant, purposeful and fulfilling life.

Body Positive Personal Training, Fitness & Embodiment Classes,

& Somatic Coaching for Women

Serving Asheville, Swannanoa & Black Mountain, N.C. & Online

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