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Buried underneath all your roles and responsibilities is a gorgeous and powerful soul.

It's time to reconnect with her.

When a women is connected to her body, her heart and her soul...


She shines.
She magnetizes.
She heals.

She empowers.

Our bodies are magic.   


They are our compass & the vessel through which our unique soul essence shines in this world.

For too long we’ve been at war with our bodies, trying to override, escape and numb out our feelings and needs.


But, when we disconnect from our bodies, we disconnect from our magic, our sensuality, our intuition, our creative power, and our joy.


Woman, look around. The world needs our feminine medicine more than ever before.

With so much insanity happening on the planet right now, it's easy to slip into unhealthy stress coping mechanisms,

but now is not the time to abandon our self-care...

Now is the time to recommit & RISE!

Join us, sister, for this powerful 8 week journey, where we will disrupt outdated patterns of self-abandonment, cultivate daily rituals that are nourishing & self-supportive, and reconnect to our true soul desires.

As women, we are wired for connection, and we heal and grow stronger with the authentic reflections, support, accountability and celebration of one another.

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  • Connect to the deep wisdom and guidance

       within your body through a daily, self-honoring

       embodiment practice that is self-selected

       based on your body, mind, and soul’s needs.

  • Understand how your nervous system works

       and learn tools to bring yourself into balance.

  • Develop your self awareness & learn to meet your needs in healthy and nourishing ways.


  • Reconnect to the unique beauty and radiance of our soul essence & fall in love with yourself.


  • Make space to claim your soul desires & transform any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from receiving all that you are worthy of.


  • Own your challenges as strengths and step into your power & responsibility to create a life that you love.

  • Get Stronger in Body, Mind & Spirit, and feel more confident, resilient & radiant.

  • Harness the power of the moon cycle & the support of a circle of sisters, to deepen & facilitate your body, mind, and soul empowerment.

  • 5 Weekly 90 minute zoom sessions, Mondays

       at 6 p.m. EST. replays included.

  • Daily Journaling prompts to develop your

       connection to yourself and guide your

       understanding and honoring of your unique

       and ever changing needs.

  • Weekly Embodiment practices

  • Weekly Guided Self Honoring, Healing Ritual Audios & Journaling/Creative Assignments to fuel your inner & outer alignment and bring your soul to life.

  • Weekly conscious music playlists to support your daily embodiment practices and anchor in your mindset upgrades.

  • Access to a private FB group where we will be celebrating each other's self-honoring success. 


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As a BONUS you will also receive:

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  • If you struggle with prioritizing your self-care and could benefit from having the structure & accountability of a group container to keep you on track.


  • If you’re feeling a little lackluster or disconnected from your body and your intuition, and want to be more embodied & wake up your juicy, turned-on, feminine power.

  • If you want to heal lingering patterns of self-limiting and self-sabotaging patterns and expand your capacity to receive more of your true heart and soul’s desires.

  • If you know you are here for a purpose and truly want to commit to embodying your most healthy, balanced, authentic, confident, and empowered self, consistently, now.

  • If you desire a supportive tribe of women to grow with.

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Flow of the Journey:


Healing Your Relationship with Your Body & Your Intuition

Nervous System Awareness & Somatic Meditation

Self-Compassion & Reparenting




Healing Your Relationship with Your Light

Eye Gazing Meditation

Innocence & Sovereignty




Healing Your Relationship with Your Power

Re-Writing the Stories & Narratives of your Life.

Responsibility & Empowerment




Healing Your Relationship with your Purpose.

Identifying Your Soul Desires & Mission

Worthiness & Receptivity 

Hi! I'm Lizzy, and I'm SO glad you are here! I'm an integrated

embodiment coach, yoga & breathwork teacher, personal trainer,
EFT practitioner, mother & channel. 
I am here to wake women up to

our immense power within & our massive role in the awakening of

our planet.

I'm also a DJ, and LOVE creating dope musical playlists with

conscious lyrics & dope beats, to drop you into your heart & body, 

empower your mindset, and free your feminine soul. 

I'm honored to share these tools and practices, because I believe

they are essential for navigating life on Earth at this time.  I

personally use them on a daily basis to process emotions, and to

stay strong, centered, self-resourced, and tapped into my intuitive guidance.

Please know that all of you is welcome here, and that more than anything I am here to hold space

for the deep wisdom & power, that is already within you, to rise. 


Please join me sisters, as we, together, step through and heal the old paradigm of unworthiness,

shame, and codependency, and rise into our powerful, sovereign, courageous and graceful


The time is now, let's Be & Do this together, sister!

Love, Lizzy 

Meet Your Guide:

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Sister, Are You Ready to Come Home to Yourself
& Activate Your True Soul Power?

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I know that so many of us are rebirthing ourselves
anew after the pandemic, so I am offering a sliding scale rate for this immersion.

Please pay what you can, knowing that paying more supports those who have been financially impacted by the pandemic.
If you require additional financial aid...
please reach out directly via email.

Still not sure if this experience is right for you?
Reach out to schedule a free 15 min call with me.


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