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Tuesday May 31st
6:00-8:00 p.m. EST


We have literally all been through so much recently. The fear and isolation of the past few years were nothing short of a collective Trauma that we experienced. Our nervous systems were tweaked, and so many of us slipped into unhealthy stress coping mechanisms. 

And, while the pandemic seems to be mostly behind us, we still live with unprecedented stress levels, so the need for embodied, nervous system self-care is greater than ever before. The nervous system is our inner protective mechanism, and the command center for all other systems of the body, so having the capacity to understand and work with our nervous systems are essential skills for navigating these times and embodying our true sovereign co-creative power.

Please join me for this educational and experiential embodied self-care women’s circle!

We’ll begin by learning a simple framework for understanding how the nervous system works as well as the fundamental principles to bringing ourselves into a centered, balanced, regulated, and well-resourced state.

We’ll then drop into a guided embodiment practice and do some inner journeying, as well as some journaling.

Then we’ll open the space for some authentic heart shares. 

I know these past few years have taught us ALOT…and one of the huge reminders is how essential connection is for our thrival. We absolutely need containers like this to learn, heal, reflect, and grow in… especially as women!!


I hope you will join us and receive this body-mind-soul nourishment!!


This is an 1.5-2 hour event, depending on how many women we have & how long the sharing takes.


*Please join me by-donation, from $1-$30!! (Suggested $18)

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Jun 23, 2024, 10:00 AM
Haw Creek Commons
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