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During this journey you will:

  • Get stronger in body, mind & soul through powerful daily workouts & embodiment rituals.

  • Release shame, heal old trauma responses & master your relationship to your emotions.


  • Understand how your nervous system works
    and learn simple tools to bring yourself into balance & expand your zone of tolerance to stress.

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  • Heal patriarchal conditioning, rewire your brain to worthiness & reclaim the unique innocence, beauty and radiance of your authentic self.


  • Develop your self awareness, navigate your triggers with more grace & learn to meet your needs in healthy & nourishing ways.


  • Own your challenges as strengths and step into your power, responsibility & confidence to create a life that you love.


  • Identify & claim your deep soul desires & transform any limiting beliefs that are holding you back from receiving all that you are worthy of.

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This journey is perfect for you:

  • If you struggle with prioritizing your self-care and could benefit from having the structure & accountability of a group container and 1:1 support to keep you on track.


  • If you want to feel more self-compassion and navigate your emotional triggers with more grace & ease.

  • If you’re feeling a little lackluster or disconnected from your body and your intuition, and want to be more embodied & wake up your juicy, turned-on, feminine power.

  • If you want to heal lingering patterns of self-limiting and self-sabotaging patterns and expand your capacity to receive more of your true heart and soul’s desires.

  • If you know you are here for a purpose and truly want to commit to embodying your most healthy, balanced, authentic, confident, and empowered self, consistently, now.

  • If you are ready to make this your most fulfilling & empowered year yet & desire a supportive tribe of women to grow with.

What's Included:

  • 60 min 1:1 Meet & Greet session with Lizzy, to get to know each other. 

  • Personalized 30 day self-care plan, to regulate your nervous system, strengthen your body, and align with your goals.

  • Unlimited access to my online studio, with over 100 at -home, self-honoring, strength, embodiment & mindset practices to choose from. 


  • New playlists & practices each week to keep your self-care rituals fresh & juicy!

  • Weekly accountability log check-ins via D.M.


  • Monthly 1:1 sessions to review & update your personalized self-care plan.

  • Unlimited 1:1 back-pocket sessions for anytime you are stuck or need to process something specific (or personal) than we have time for on the group coaching call.

  • Unlimited 1:1 support via D.M. Monday - Friday, so you never stay stuck!

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What's inside the training:

Introduction & Welcome

Embodied Feminine Leadership Masterclass

Deep Core Stability & Alignment Training

Menstrual Cycle Syncing Training

Conscious Eating Training & Meal Planning Guide

Daily Practices

Somatic Tracking & Self-Compassion Practices

Anatomy of a Morning Practice Masterclass

EMPOWER Body Mind Soul Workouts & Meditations

Nervous System Self-Care

Polyvagal Nervous System Masterclass

Feel it to Heal it Ritual

Somatic Tools for Nervous System Regulation Training

Emotional Freedom Technique Masterclass

Self Empowerment Inner Work

Understanding & Identifying your Basic Needs

Moving from Victimhood to Empowerment

Clarifying & Strengthening your Boundaries

Shadow Work to Amplify your Conscious Creation

Transforming Challenging into Wisdom & Purpose

Identifying & Manifesting your Deep Heart's Desires

Meet Your Guide:

Hi! I'm Lizzy, I'm a personal trainer, somatic trauma healing practitioner, inner guidance coach & creator of EMPOWER Body Mind Soul, a ceremonial self-care system for women.

I'm honored to share these tools and practices, because I believe they are essential for navigating life on Earth at this time.  I personally use them on a daily basis to process emotions, and to stay centered, self-resourced, and tapped into my intuitive guidance.

Please know that all of you is welcome here, and that more than anything I am here to hold space for the deep wisdom & power, that is already within you, to rise. 

I hope you will join me as we rise into our powerful, sovereign, courageous and graceful leadership, together.

The time is now, let's Be & Do this sisters!

Love, Lizzy

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Embodied Confidence Self-Care Circle



Every month

6 Months of Embodied Self-Care & Inner Guidance Coaching to Transform Every Area of your Life

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