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Connect to the power at your core.
Build strength, confidence & emotional resilience.
Embody the empowered woman you are here to be.


Essentials of Feminine Strength Training & Embodiment
5 week live group training program for women


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There is a wellspring of power at your core.

When you tap into it, you can move through
life with greater ease, grace and confidence.


When you aren’t connected to our core-self.
the world will throw you off balance &
drain your energy.


If you're feeling disconnected from your strong, sexy, vibrant,

and authentic self...


or struggling to prioritize your self-care...

I feel you sister... I truly know what it’s like to prioritize everyone and everything before yourself… 

I've been there myself, and it literally wreaked havoc on my health, happiness, relationships & finances.

It affects every aspect of our lives:

our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual

well-being, our relationships & our work.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common when things

get stressful to react by overworking, overdoing

for others, and neglecting our self-care...

leading us to burnout, exhaustion, resentment and all sorts of mind-body symptoms.

Stressed Woman

The state of the world is more stressful than ever, so it's essential that we have practices that help us...

Quiet the mind, process our emotions, return to center and tap into our power.

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It can be overwhelming to choose from the plethora of

fitness and self-care programs that are out there,


but after researching and experimenting with them all,

and working with hundreds women…

I have found that the optimal fitness program for most women, in a blend of functional strength & core training, with 'mindfulness' and embodiment.

here's why...

Muscle. Use it or lose it.

Starting in our 20’s, we lose
1 lb of lean muscle per year.  During
menopause we lose it even faster,
unless we maintain it
through consistent strength training.


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Strength Training is Proven to:

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  • Maintain muscle mass as you age


  • Strengthen bones and prevent osteoporosis


  • Boost metabolism & burn fat (24 hours a day)


  • Balance hormones, increase energy, vitality, and libido


  • Ease the symptoms of menopause

'Mindfulness' & Embodiment are proven to:

  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and depression


  • Promote healing & growth of new brain cells


  • Improve decision making, productivity, and memory


  • Improve heart health, sleep, and overall wellbeing.

When you combine strength & core training,

with embodiment and meditation...

you tap into the infinite love,

power & guidance within you,

so you can move gracefully & confidently through life.

That’s what I’m ALL about, Integrating the best practices, into one efficient workout for your whole being...

So you can thrive through the challenges & embody the radiant & empowered woman you are here to be.


Learn how to Incorporate

Strength Training, Deep-Core Stability, Meditation, & Embodiment

into your Life!

So you can manage stress, feel your best & tap into your mind-body-soul power.


Indoor Stretch

We’ll start with the basics, with a strong emphasis on slowing down, to feel more….

So this 5 week live class & group training program is perfect for women who:


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  • are newer to strength training & embodiment.

  • are returning to fitness after an extended break.

  • want to strengthen their core & feel more grounded in who they are.

  • want to learn tools to navigate stress, heal emotions & open their intuition.

  • want to move through life with more energy, ease, empowerment... and less pain & injuries.

  • want to feel more at home in their body & develop their self-love, inner peace & self-confidence.

  • want to maintain their strength & juiciness as they age.

  • want to share the journey & be supported by an inclusive community of women who are infinitely cheering for you!

Stay motivated & accountable with 5 weeks of live personal training & embodiment coaching in a supportive group atmosphere.

Live group sessions via zoom: Thursdays 12-1:11 p.m.

12 Participants max

Engage with the group via our private FB group, ask me anything!




Just $149 for

5 weeks of Live Training Sessions with me (12 p.m. - 1:15 p.m. Thursdays via zoom)

Beginning on the New Moon in Leo on July 28th.

Sessions will include:

Total body strength training

Deep core stability

Proper form & alignment

Nervous system support


Breathwork & meditation

Self-love  & mindset empowerment

Community connection

You'll also receive:

20 min 1-on-1 meet & greet call with Lizzy when you register.

Weekly pre-recorded follow along Workouts (20 minutes each).


Weekly body-mind-soul Empowering Playlists.



Get 2 Free passes to try out my EMPOWER- Live Transformational Fitness & Embodiment Class.

Live/stream every Monday 9:30-11:00 EST

As women, we each hold MASSIVE gifts and wisdom for the rebalancing and healing of our world...

but until we own our worth & make ourselves a priority,

we will continue to get swallowed up by the stress of our responsibilities, and end up giving away our true power.


What I've discovered in my own healing journey
& working with hundred of women, is that...

Hidden underneath our habits of self-abandonment lies a core belief of unworthiness. 

You see, we’ve inherited this viral belief from our culture, but it is far from the truth.


When we truly commit to giving ourselves the care that

we need...

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  • We re-wire our brains to worthiness.

  • We feel more energized & grounded.

  • We have more clarity & more confidence to put towards what’s truly important to us.

  • We transform our capacity to receive in every area of our life.

We stop perpetuating the old paradigm, and become the women are here to be...

Whole, Radiant, Confident, and Empowered!!!



Stressed Woman

What women are saying:

elisha pretty_edited_edited.jpg


"Not only sculpted parts of my body that I haven't paid attention to in years, but Lizzy has helped me to remember the parts of myself that are unfortunately buried under alot of conditioning, chores, and the day-to-day Essence, my Power, my Grace, and my Connection to Source."


"Lizzy has an amazing ability to channel messages that are exactly what I need to hear.  She speaks to the wholeness of our human experience in deeply acknowledging ways. I am moved to sweat and to tears, in the best way possible."

jac ann.jpeg


"Lizzy gives us constant reminders of the power we have as women to change the world by changing ourselves, and provides the space for us to find the tools within ourselves"


"No matter the struggle of the day, working out with Lizzy leaves me with a renewed sense of love and compassion for both myself and those around me.   It's not just a workout, it's a total mind, body, spirit, reset."



"I consistently have profound inner shifts during class, amidst all the glute & core burning badassery.  One of the biggest gifts Lizzy offers us, is the permission not to be perfect, and tools for navigating courageous growth."



"Lizzy helped me re-frame and re-experience exercise and movement, transforming it into something I now absolutely love.

Now I'm 80 pounds lighter, so much stronger, and still growing through Empower!"


Embody the radiant & empowered woman you are here to be.

Fucsia Background

Hi! I'm Lizzy, and I'm SO glad you are here! I'm a trauma-informed,

weight-inclusive, personal trainer, yoga teacher, EFT practitioner,

self-empowerment guide, channel, mother & cheerleader for the New Earth.

I'm also a DJ, and LOVE creating dope musical journeys with conscious 

lyrics & dope beats, to drop you into your heart & body, 

empower your mindset, and free your feminine soul. 

I designed Empower as safe space to come, to connect to & care for

your multi-dimensional self- body, mind, heart & soul.

I'm honored to share these tools and practices, because I believe they 

are essential for navigating life on Earth at this time.  I personally use

them on daily basis to maintain my strength, process emotions,

and to stay centered, self-resourced, and tapped into my

intuitive guidance.

Please know that all of you is welcome here, and that more than anything I am here to hold space for the deep wisdom & power, that is already within you, to rise. Please join me sisters, as we, together, step through and heal the old paradigm of unworthiness, shame, and codependency, and rise into our powerful, sovereign, courageous and graceful leadership.

The time is now, let's Be & Do this together, sister!

Love, Lizzy 

Meet Lizzy

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What equipment do I need for class?

For this program you will need a yoga block & a set of light weights 3-5 lbs.

What if I have more questions?

I'm here for ya. Please email with any additional questions or to see if this class is a fit for you, and I will personally respond. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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